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We’re led by Sam Collins

Samantha Collins

A leading international voice on equality, a social entrepreneur, speaker and author. Sam founded Aspire for Equality when she was just 30 years old, now a globally sought after organization that empowers a new way of life, work and world. She has lived, travelled and worked across the world.

The Aspire Village

Be part of our global community of women passionate about equality and human rights.


Aspire is pure inspiration

Helena Clarke, Ambassador, One Campaign, UK

"Aspire is pure inspiration. I have the empowerment to change static views and engage further in equality. Aspire crosses borders, it crosses sectors, it unites a flame inside you to stand up, raise the roof, to make a change with a massive support crew in tow." Helena Clarke, Ambassador, One Campaign, UK

Part spiritual vision quest

Jacqueline Dolly, Be, Do Have Results LLC, USA

"Part spiritual vision quest, part holistic spa retreat and a hard core career and life makeover experience for corporate, non-profit, education warrior women"

I love the camaraderie

Kelechie Zeigwe, St Abigails Schools, Nigeria

"Meeting women from all over the world is mind blowing and humbling. The atmosphere is celebratory, enlightening, encouraging and thought provoking at the same time. I love the camaraderie"


Vinee Ajmera, Personage Corporation, India

"Pure positivity, inspiration, powerful insights and amazing takeaways. Remarkable"

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